Kitchen Traveler

Cook and explore the world cuisines in your kitchen!


Kitchen Traveler is a mobile app with a location-based recipe platform for an easy and smooth cooking experience.
I designed the app for the problem that users who want to cook something unfamiliar to them but seamless ingredients hunting in their local area.
Product Designer
Personal Project
User research
Interface design


The platform is designed to appeal to people who are keen to try many different kinds of cuisines and also who are interested in providing their cooking knowledge. 
Create a location-based recipe platform for cooking lovers:
To experience easy and fun cooking and to share the knowledge of the authentic cooking idea.
Cooking is one of the most influential experiences we have for understanding different cultures. Also, it's much easier to figure it out if they are your neighbours. When people who have different cultures and knowledge share helpful information for each other, it will bring joy, confidence, and connection to those who use the platform.


Competitive Analysis
User Personas
User Stories
User Journey
User Flows
Site Map
Usability Testing


After Competitive Analysis and User Research, I envisioned 2 main personas. I created them to make sure we could deliver the best possible experience.
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Testing and Iterations

At this stage, I was able to confront all of our assumptions and ideas. We spoke to recruited users who represented our personas.  I conducted usability tests to understand how users complete tasks. During the testing, I was able to observe how users actually behave on the interface. Through the testing, I could learn whether if my hypothesis were right or not.  I really enjoy the process and iterations to improve the product’s UX.
KT - testing.png

User Interface



The original starting point of the app was connecting experts and users. Therefore, the user flows and wireframing were completely different from the final work. After several user research and tests iterations, I have changed the starting point as cooking recipes.  During all the processes, I have learned so many diverse points of view and enjoyed different perspectives to improve the service and usability.


I figured most of all users tend to give up when they are stuck to find the right ingredients or special seasonings without asking or making an effort. However, at the same time they also know if they skip the missing items, the result is not going to be what they expected. I wanted to solve the pain point so I came up with in-app purchase with connecting with actual stores.

About Personas

I came up with the 2 personas from my actual experience. Since I am living in Germany and originally from Japan, I hear many voices on a daily basis. Europeans don’t really know which items can be replaceable of authentic pieces from oriental recipes  but expats like me know how to solve the problems. Paul is my European friend and Asako is my expat friend or maybe myself.

Thank you for watching!